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Reliable solution for small to middle-sized labs with wide portfolio of manual and ready for automation ELISA tests. 

Erba LisaWash

A small footprint ELISA microplate washer for semi-automated workflow
Erba LisaWash can easily accomodate different well shaped microplates, providing efficient versatility to semi-automated labs.
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Technical specifications
  • Easy, removable 8-channel manifold and 12-channel optional, with separate needles for aspiration and dispensing eliminating risk of contamination
  • Large memory, up to 50 protocols can be programmed and stored by the user
  • Standard aerosol protection cover and easy to decontaminate plate carrier
  • Washes 96-well format microplate with Flat, U or V bottom
  • Washing volume 50 μl to 450 μl, allowing for a wide range of ELISA washing volumes to be set

Erba LisaScan EM

Semi-automated ELISA microplate reader
The Erba LisaScan EM can perform various ELISA tests with elaborate reports and printing of graphs.
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Technical specifications
  • 100 user-programmable ELISA test slots
  • Compatible to various plate geometrics of 96 well microplates (Flat, U and V bottom) and in 8 or 12 well formats
  • Single, Dual and Multi-wavelength reading options with advanced 8-channel optical system
  • Two models available, 4 Filter and 6 Filter
  • ELI-Lims software - computer connection software for ELISA data management and Quality Control functions

ELISA reagents

Ready-to-use ELISA reagents covering wide range of parameters from blood bank, hepatitis, infectious, tropical diseases, autoimmunity, bone metabolism, steroid, thyroid, fertility, diabetes and many others. Reliable and trusted solution by customers worldwide using ELISA tests for manual as well automated evaluation of patients samples.

Rapid tests

Rapid antigen/ antibody immunochromatographic tests covering specific infectious diseases parameters, including the SARS-CoV-2 antigen qualitative determination. Easy-to-use procedure and short time to results make our tests optimum solution for standard laboratory as well POCT workflow. 

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